• Baby Done

    Baby Done


    Great little kiwi classic ! Plenty of freshness and positivity

  • Babe



    A childhood flick with superb animation, animal training and score/cinematic inventiveness. Unquestionably against the modern farming system and role regulation people place upon ourselves.

  • Sense and Sensibility

    Sense and Sensibility


    What a sweeping take!

    Charming, romantic and often humorous. It's so much more than I expected from the outset. To my own amazement, it's my first foray into Jane Austin films, including many derivatives.

    Brilliantly fresh source material (which entertained throughout the drama), brillaintly accessible screenplay/adaption channels the inner worlds of the star studded casting. Ang Lee delivering fully on cross over, and displaying utmost care in emotional tone. No doubt bolsted by the close collaboration with Emma Thompsons screenplay/lead…

  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13


    It's remarkable that in the age of 'corona', watching a scene where Ken (Gary Sinice) is dismissed from flying due to supposedly having contracted Measles. Although in reality his exposure to his backup crew mate did not lead to symptomatic expression, it's a reminder to how pervasive disease exposure hinders humanities achievements. And to how prevention methods protects us.

    Cinematically and technically powerful filmmaking. Stunning showcase of gravity defying 1995 magic. It does lean awfully close to tedium, as Howard…

  • Traffic



    Love the style, bombastic and broad stroked, the casting is across the board fantastic. Political messaging making a very convincing argument against the current status quo, and damning those involved into a fraught exercise. Where few benefit. Topher Grace is a champ in this! But Bencio is the star.

  • Chocolat



    Disney sweetened, charming if overindulgent, Alfred Molina was superbly cast, didnt appreciate the Johnny Depp love story shoehorned in. An easy watch yet left feeling like it was a block of unfortunate cadbury, rather than a Whitakers or artisanal delight.

  • Erin Brockovich

    Erin Brockovich


    An effort above and beyond a simple iteration of a powerful historic injustice story.

    What stunned me the most in rewatching Erin Brockovich was the depiction of motherhood and feminist ideals as a corrective action against both corporate America and the status quo patriarchy. Erin battles against the corporate corrupt world as much as her status in the law firm. Battling against humdrum female collegues and associates as much as derogatory male bullshit. Erin uses this to her advantage in…

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

    10 Things I Hate About You


    Throwback classic!

    Is there a better Shakespeare film?!

    Steeped in 90s gems and up and coming actors. Its a product of its time and reflective of the best of an era.

  • Stuber


    Flat, pointless with a side of mudane.

    Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista do the heavy lifting on a weak premise, reminiscent of taxi brooklyn left overs, and fail to hit the sweetspot on selling its so dumb, its good.

    Devoid of cameo. Humor. And thoroughly lacking in unconventionality, it plays straight to the core of studio, braindead, action comedy. Made for cheap to recoup a loss.

  • Hotel Mumbai

    Hotel Mumbai


    Caught the flatmate watching

    Well crafted depiction of despicably inhuman events, avoiding cliche and overwrought dramatics.

    Weak role and weaker performance by Armie Hamer, with all starring attention falling upon Dev Patel, the natural lead. His charisma shines through and never disappoints the material.

    Superb use of camera to capture attention and deliver shock, without over indulging into cinematic trickery.

    Would have preferred a 15 min trim.

  • Seven Years in Tibet

    Seven Years in Tibet


    Carried by Brad Pitts charisma and knocked a peg by his atrocious if endearing accent, it's a well paced and thoroughly fine line of historical drama and growth in character arc, where political motives and accuracy fall away to serve engrossing cultural depiction and humbling portrayals.

    The film was enhanced by my personal travels to Nepal, reminding me of many a place and custom.

    From a visual perspective - the film is hampered from displaying it's grand exotic locales -…

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    Avengers Endgame had a lot of baggage to carry with it, considering the shear number of characters, storylines and hype that the mouse house had invested in its most biggest selling franchise film yet. As the narrative is designed to end the climax and bring resolution to the MCU - there was considerable risk in anticlimactic letdowns. I'd argue that some of that anticlimactic end has occured - whereby franchise fatigue is well set, and will I'd expect to prove…