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  • Die'ced



    "Sorry, he's a little scared of the scarecrow."

    Yep, definitely used a similar scene from Terrifier, but I'm not mad at it. Maybe it's a shoutout to the movie, so I'll give it a pass.
    I think Die'ced is a fair low-budget slasher that you can watch on a slow Tuesday, that will scratch that itch you crave for some cheesy dumb kills.

    Also, props to the Scarecrow-Clown Halloween costume. I really dig it.

  • Lisa Frankenstein

    Lisa Frankenstein


    "It's like a tanning bed, but for criminals."

    Even though this movie didn't make a lick of sense, I still had a great time watching Lisa Frankenstein. There were certain scenes that almost had me in tears. The cast definitely did a good job.
    Despite the controversy surrounding this movie, I'm glad I took a chance on it. I can't wait to revisit this one.

    And for those who didn't like it – don't worry, it will eventually click for you in a couple of years.

Recent reviews

  • Galaxy Quest

    Galaxy Quest


    "MINERS, not MINORS."

    I had to give Galaxy Quest another rewatch.
    This movie had my sides hurtin' from laughing so hard.
    It remains a fantastic sci-fi comedy.

  • Roadgames



    "No, it's QUID. 'D' as in death to young girls, you cretin!"

    -This was rated PG? No way

    I was mostly complaining throughout this whole damn movie as majority of it didn't make a lick of sense. Especially the cast members just popping-up in several scenes knowing damn well I just saw them in a completely different scene. Like, how?
    You can't just teleport from being somewhere in the boonies to now being somewhere in the city; It's just goofy.…

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  • Stand by Me

    Stand by Me


    "I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?"

    Ain't that the damn truth

  • Shot Caller

    Shot Caller



    This film is so under the radar. I didnt even know about it until I heard someone talk praises of the film. To me, I'm thinking this will be just another lame ass prison movie that I will watch and forget about the next day. Ohhh boy, I was in for a special surprise. Nothing about this film was lame. It was excellently written and directed as you will see if you choose to watch this type of movie.…