Midsommar ★★★★

"She needs a therapist."

-And I need a hug after what happened

I was rooting for the black guy to survive. I told myself, "LL Cool J survived Deep Blue Sea, Keith David survived The Thing, Daniel Kaluuya survived Get Out and Busta Ryhmes survived Halloween (but yet, he don't count), so there ain't no way they gone kill off the brotha man in 2019... no way, no how! Ari Aster got our back, and we gone survive this horror nightmare."

WTF was I thinkin'?

See, this is what happens when I get my hopes up too high. Dude was so close to making it and he seemed highly intelligent but wants to turn into a dumb-ass last second. I just got to face it, we not cut out for this shit peeps. Only in rare occasions. And don't tell me this is a damn spoiler because most of y'all knew this was gone happen.

Beautifully shot film, very unique, and definitely bizarre. I will still give Mother! the title for the most bizarre film I've ever seen but Midsommar is right behind it. Yes, it was extremely long (would have given this a higher rating otherwise) but it doesn't take away the fact that the film will leave you traumatized, unease, and mesmerized all at the same time.

Ari Aster has a immensely twisted mind that I would never want to dive into but if it can give us great films like this, by all means, keep them coming my guy.

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