The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★

"Camp Elsewhere"

- Camp Crystal Lake, perhaps?

The 2-hour runtime was not needed whatsoever, but I'm not upset about it as the movie provided me with enough suspense and decent pacing to keep me occupied. I thought the opening was well done and beautifully shot. I didn't expect that from a film called, 'The Empty Man' - as I was for certain it would turn out to be trash based off the name alone. (Hell, look at, 'The Bye Bye Man.' We all know how that shit went.)
But nope, not the case. The Empty Man is a likable supernatural horror flick that's way under the radar, as I've heard nothing about it or even mentioned from anyone. I seen it playing at my local theater, and said to myself, "WTF IS THAT?"
So I took a gamble to see how it would turn out and I'm glad I did.
If you're interested, maybe do a matinee, or... just wait till its streaming somewhere. Either way, I think its worth checking out.

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