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  • Tokyo Drifter
  • Pierrot le Fou
  • Blade Runner
  • This Transient Life

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  • Punk Samurai Slash Down


  • Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle


  • Sons of Steel


  • Run, Man, Run


Recent reviews

  • Punk Samurai Slash Down

    Punk Samurai Slash Down


    Upon seeing the newly released Third Window Film released i can only come to one conclusion: "What the hell did i watch before?" I only picked up on the general narrative this time. Definately added a fu star.

    It's actually quite funny. I'd compare it to Burst City, where you have these gag-filled vignette's sprinkled throughout. This is Ishii in his punk spirit, rather as the contemplative one that made August in Water and co. So maybe less of his…

  • The Female Executioner

    The Female Executioner


    Incompetent but well made. The film was wonderfully lit, some nice hues for that dark french urban noir-ish tint. The action was completely dull, especially compared to Italian and HK action and stunt standards. But the goofy delivery of lines and childish hand gestured obscenities made up for it. I mean the racist cop yelled fruit-de-loop before he shot someone...

    Oh yeah some of the characters are complete biggots that we are suppsoed to root for haha. Maybe they wanted…

Popular reviews

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Dont let the dull blockbuster action movie-esque poster fool you. The heart of this film is in the norse rituals and customs. With some psychedelic and occult imagery harking back to the folk and/or cosmic horrors of Egger's previous work. Usually not a fan of thee medieval aesthetics, but this was exception material. Also props given to the Zulawski/Kurosawa esque blocking, giving us some tasty choreographed camera/actors movements to keep us entranced to the screen.

  • Copenhagen Cowboy

    Copenhagen Cowboy


    One of the weaker Refn's, doesn't have a whole lot to say. Huge dissappointed after the absolutely brilliant Too Old To Die Young. Maybe because TOTDY was a Verhoeven-esque POV of the US, and CC is home territory, so his pen isnt as sharp.