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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

EVIL DEAD (‘13) 

I do not remember this movie at all and I’m excited to watch it again. I remember I loved it. 

•This is certainly very different and still true to Sam Raimis series. 
•”It fucking stinks” hahaha
•I love the MC5 t shirt, this movie shows mad love to Michigan! 
•The sound of her cutting at her face. Fackkkkkkkkkk...
•Fucking stabbing him in the eye though? 
•That needle in the eyelid!!!!! FACKKKKK
•Of course Emily’s dumbass falls for this shit
•”Your little sisters not here you FUCKING IDIOT” hHahahahHhHh
•Don’t get me wrong I am still sooo in love with Evil Dead (‘81) but I feel like this is the movie Sam Raimi wanted to make then. This movie not only rocks, IT FUCKING ROCKS. WOW. 

My review is nothing of anything short other then to say FUCK this movie is amazing. Not good, or pretty good it’s GREAT! Be it be pacing, score, effects (PRACTICAL EFFECTS) acting, directing. This was great. OK GO BUY IT NOW.