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  • Long Shot

    Long Shot


    I feel like at its core it’s a typical Seth Rogan movie. It started off pretty humorous and interesting but then as the movie went along it devolved into dick jokes and toilet humor which I just don’t personally find funny. The writing outside of that is pretty serviceable but luckily I had 2 old ladies in the crowd loudly explaining everything on screen as it happened so I didn’t get too lost in the complexities. Rogan and Theron had…

  • Carrie



    I know I’m 32 years late but Sissy Spacek was robbed at the Academy Awards and I’m still mad about it.

    This film is a masterpiece. The cinematography was gorgeous, Sissy Spacek bodies the entire cast (figuratively and literally in the film) with her performance. The scene at the end in the gymnasium is so intense and the sound design during that scene is incredible.  I can’t believe I slept on this for so long.

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  • Hellboy



    Grade: G-

    Wow as a huge fan of the Hellboy comics and his character in the comics this movie stings a lot. 

    But let’s start with the positives: The Baba Yaga is the only thing in this movie that doesn’t look like complete shit. Also David Harbour’s performance isn’t as insulting as every other aspect of this film. The 60 seconds featuring Lobster Johnson were the best part of the film 

    Now to the giant list of problems: This movie…

  • Booksmart



    This movie was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t remember that last time I laughed at a movie because it’s actually funny instead of being completely terrible. The cinematography was actually pretty good too which is usually a rare find in the high school/party movie scene. All the writing was super clever and all the actors did a good job with Kaitlyn Dever delivering the best performance. There were plenty of cliches to be found…