Child's Play ★★★½

I came into this movie with pretty low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. You’ll be happy to know that this isn’t the usual soulless retreading of the original. The movie actually has a bit more depth and the cinematography is really good. But with this reinterpretation I found a few things I didn’t like. *Spoiler kind of*  I didn’t like that they made Chucky into an Ai at times because what made chucky scary to me is that he’s a common looking doll that you could see really anywhere turned into something really sinister but I can’t relate to owning a highly intelligent AI.  Also while I did find the fact that they developed Andy and Chucky’s relationship in the beginning really well done  I also found that took the scare factor away for me as well. I also didn’t really care for any of Andy’s friends at all. All the acting amongst the friends was pretty bad and they weren’t written well and they were completely uninteresting and didn’t add anything to the film. This is still a really entertaining ride with some fun kills and a great reinterpretation of a cult-classic of the horror genre and I’ll probably be seeing it again 

Grade: B-

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