Old ★½

My friends really liked this movie so I feel bad bashing it but this was so bad lol M.Night has proven once again how out of touch he’s gotten with writing natural dialogue. I hate to say his directing is bad too but I don’t know how he let any of the takes with these actors make it into the film. It felt like I was watching aliens trying their best human impressions and the really bad writing didn’t help. I would definitely say the cinematography is the best aspect of the film even though there was some insanely obnoxious camera movements in some scenes it was still really pretty to look at. I think the concept in general was pretty well executed and I admire his willingness to take the story in weird directions and his passion for the project. I just can’t get past the script man I’m sorry. It’s so distracting and permeates the entire film. There are so many scenes and choices that are unintentionally funny like having a rapper character named Mid Sized Sedan. Why would anyone pick that as a name for a character? I really would like to see M.Night take a lot of the constructive criticism’s he’s received over the years from his actors and critics into consideration but I know he won’t because he refuses to see the problem with his films and reacts poorly to criticism. It’s really frustrating to see because the talent is clearly there and I want him to succeed  but he’s constantly getting in his own way.  See this if you’re a massive M.Night Stan if you want but I don’t know if I could sit through this again it was pretty awful


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