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  • The Pop Culture Kid Movie

    The Pop Culture Kid Movie


    Click here to watch the movie: youtu.be/_n4H95ilGfo

    My first movie is a masterpiece. Nuff said

  • Kingdom of Heaven

    Kingdom of Heaven


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Watched this one for school, and man it was bad! Our class watched the extended cut, which I hear is a vast improvement on the theatrical, but MAN I still thought this sucked! The movie has good ideas, and the plot could work, but the film is all over the place. There is really no clear direction. One minute it tries to be a story of a guy trying to do good for Jerusalem, one minute it’s a very poorly…

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  • Coco



    A sweet and charming animated film that, although not the best, still is a important movie.

  • Mallrats



    Ok, so I watched MallRats again, BUT last time I saw the extended version, which people say is much worse. For me, the extended cut felt it dragged on WAY too long and it wasn’t as good as Clerks. But now, I finally saw the original one hour and 30 minutes long original cut, which ABSOLUTELY helps improve the film. The film now feels more consistent. Both cuts also feel like 2 completely different movies. The original cut makes Brodie…