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  • They/Them


    to quote the new york times review: slasher movies demand a certain willingness to be provocative, or even tasteless.

    that is why something like sleepaway camp will linger, and why they/them probably won’t last five years in the larger cultural memory. a film that feels devastatingly of-it’s-era, like most mainstream “social horrors” it teases ideas and themes that it is too toothless to actually engage with. liberals are seriously not to be trusted with trans horror if this and assassination nation are the best they have to offer. does not offend, does not take risks, and so it does not impact. 

    expanded thoughts.

  • Boys Don't Cry

    Boys Don't Cry

    it took me an hour to get through the first fifteen minutes of this movie. it never gets easier.

    do not listen to the people who insist that this movie was “once” good, or that poor sweet kim peirce could simply never have known that her film would fit into the cog of transsexual martyrdom that the cishetero machine so desperately desires to force us into. transsexuals are liars. transsexuals are deceivers. if only brandon had just been a lesbian.…

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  • Dead Don't Die in Dallas

    Dead Don't Die in Dallas

    there really is something to say by how little israel luna understands gender, or by how little he cares either way. i had to spend 30 minutes searching for an interview just to find confirmation that the protagonist here is trans and not a drag queen because it is genuinely impossible to tell just from the film itself. gender is the centerpiece of these films (+ ticked off trannies) and yet it’s also a point of total non-discussion. literal horde…

  • Hostel


    eli roth is proof of many things. mostly that god does not and cannot exist. but also that sometimes writers get very very lucky, and lightning does not strike twice. my bar for “bad” is admittedly subterranean (especially just coming off of cupid’s guillotine, christ) but oh my god this movie is totally passable. there’s, like, themes and everything. nicotero and berger produce great work as always (only the dangly eye was a real groaner), and roth is for once restrained enough to know exactly when to use them. idk i’m sure the sequels are significantly worse but this was a surprising amount of fun?

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  • A Very English Scandal

    A Very English Scandal


    missed the brief handjob scene the first time around. glad i caught it on the rewatch with my mother.

  • Sleepaway Camp

    Sleepaway Camp


    ignoring the fact that we’ve all thought harder about this movie than robert hiltzik ever has or will, is this one of the most misunderstood movies ever made? idk i think it’s so telling how cisgender viewers take nothing away from this film besides the need to sensationalize the shock of a transfeminine phallus, completely ignoring how this movie so aggressively condemns doing so. this entire movie is a warning for what happens when you dehumanize angela and the people…