Annette ★★★★½

Annette is a fucking bizarre, insane experience, and it fully commits to delivering that weirdness. It completely embraces the rock opera leanings and is this huge, dramatic, almost entirely musical experience. And if you know Sparks, they bring their usual style of songwriting and odd energy combined with Leos Carax's direction.

It's looking at a lot. It's focused on celebrity culture, and the idea of having this constant audience and this perception of you, your life, your relationships, your personal life. Every conflict in this movie is backdropped with a crowd of people, passing judgment and onlooking the unfolding drama. 

But then with people and an audience also comes a need to be validated or even just noticed by that audience. It leads to desire for power, for greed, for exploitation. Without spoiling the things which happen in this (which is just best to experience knowing little to nothing) the way this power and desire for fame manifests and becomes all consuming is so gripping to watch.

It becomes this operatic tragedy, and I mean operatic in terms of both the music, having this mix of broadway talk-singing and full on rock opera. Also, the movie feels very stagey, like there's an artificial nature to the green screen, the sets, the whole world feels performative, which really plays into this whole idea of having to perform, having to keep 

Adam Driver fucking OWNS this movie, his performance and his singing is so great. He gets the majority of the focus, and the majority of the longer, monologue scenes are given to him where he really shows so many sides to this character so effectively. He's just so impossible to look away from from how unhinged he is.
Also, Simon Helberg was also surprisingly really great as well, albeit in a more supporting role.

It's a bit messy in some areas and I do think I'll need more time to really think about it and what it's going for, but like it's truly a legit EXPERIENCE.

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