Fantastic Planet ★★★★½

I watched this movie at 1am and even though I've never done a drug in my life, the combination of this weird tone and sleep deprivation makes me feel like I'm high.

This movie is so fantastic and so creative. It truly feels alien. It's a story partially about animal cruelty whereby we are the pets to a higher, civilised species. Dogs and cats are replaced with little tiny humans called Oms, who are kept domestically, who don't fully understand the strange world around them because of their limited knowledge and status. The world around them is filled with all this bizarre technology, this strange ecosystem and these unexplained rituals and Dragg traditions.

René Laloux is able to place the audience in the perspective of the Oms so well, with them being so unfamiliar and lost in this weird and wonderful world of the Draggs. The art direction is bizarre, it looks like an old children's picture book brought to life. The designs of the creatures, the landscapes, the imposing scale of the Draggs and how their technology works, it's all so mysterious and visually appealing to watch.
It's also helped by this vivid, odd soundscape of this movie, with truly alien sounds and monstrous roars, all accompanied by a chill, distinctly 70's yet ethereal score that sounds incredible.

It's commentary on animal cruelty is intresting. The Oms are a species that are humiliated, demeaned, exterminated and somewhat feared. The treatment they get as pets is incredibly sad and upsetting, which again, is somewhat reflective of our own pet/owner dynamic.
There's a lot of allusions to real life instances of population culling, they're treated like vermin and as objects of misguided affection as pets.

This movies other idea is also about how knowledge is power. Once Terr starts imparting knowledge of the Dragg lifestyle, they start to succeed more, they begin to adapt and evolve in order to prosper. The thought of knowledge is somewhat confusing for some within the Big Tree, but they're forced to evolve their ways of living and they become a far more advanced society because of that.

This movie is just kind of a magical experience. It takes you to a completely different world, with its own distinct aesthetic and it sucks you in for an hour. I do feel like it kinda moves way too quickly at some parts and I would've loved if it went to 90 minutes, but what's there is great and I really recommend watching it, because it's a total treat.

Although I don't know why, but I have a sinking feeling at some point this movie is gonna be remade in live-action, and it'll suck

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