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This review may contain spoilers.

Hereditary is a special kind of fucked up. It's in its own league of fucked up. It is an absolute nightmare. 

The nightmare doesn't even come from the cult and the demonic shit (however, that stuff is terrifying), the real meat of this movie is the family drama. I can kinda see why audiences didn't like it. If you go in expecting a more traditional horror, this ain't it chief. It's basically a tragic drama, with demonic overtones.

The family drama and the ways of dealing with loss and grief are so haunting and excellent. The family dynamic while dealing with their loss is jus so tragic and upsetting, on the same level of terror as the actual horror stuff. Yeah, Charlie's head coming off was horrifying, but the most terrifying bit is Annie's reaction.

I think one of the things overlooked about this film is how it's also kind of about the fear of becoming like your parents. The fear that no matter what you do, you will follow a similar path set out by them. Like how Annie starts out totally separated from her mother and her world and no matter how hard she wants to get away from it, it still looms over her and she finds out everything that's happening to her is calculated by her mother, and she falls into the same obsession with this cult that her mother did.

It's the scariest film I've ever seen. It's all done through the genuinely fantastic direction, the perfect editing, the impressive camerawork and symmetrical, beautifully lit cinematography, the insane, droning score and the amazing sound design. Every moment of this film is just oozing technical and writing perfection.

Since I saw it, I said that my favorite film of 2018 is Eighth Grade. While I still absolutely, utterly adore that movie with all my heart, I think Hereditary is my favorite now. This could change again after seeing Eighth Grade again, but I think Hereditary is technically the best film of the year and my favourite again, as of now

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