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This review may contain spoilers.

Even after months of hype, two full viewings, tons of talk online, so many other amazing reviews from people on here and from professional critics, even after all of that, I still find new ways to love this movie. I've already written 2 huge reviews of this movie, so here's just some sporadic thoughts and observations I wanted to point out:

• I love the shot of Ki-Jung, Ki-woo and Choong-sook surrounding the pizza woman, the camera is ever so slightly pushing in as the family begins to overtake the frame trying to persuade her to give them work.

• I knew that the basement and the Park's house was a set, but I had no idea that parts of those sets were filled in with CGI like that street only went so far and the top of the Park house was also CG. It's insanely seamless.

• I love that idea of niceness being a privilege and the Kims get to act out that niceness with the family. I love how you almost forget what they're actually like and when we go to a scene where they don't have to keep up the act it's a jarring shift.

• Shout out to editor Yang Jin-mo, who just totally kills it here. This movie is so tightly weaved together both in the bigger picture of how tight the story moves and how essential each scene is, but how each sequence is cut together is astounding tight. He for sure should've won the Oscar (although not to discredit Ford V Ferrari, this was just better)

• The fucking THUD Moon-Gwang takes when she hits her head doesn't seem totally realistic, but it sells how brutal and how important that moment is.

• Park So-dam, hot. Choi Woo-shik, hot. Lee Sun Gyun, hot. Cho Yeo-jeong, hot. People in this movie are hot.

• Where the hell is Song Kang-ho's Oscar? That man kills it in his movie. The scene in the gym, amazing. You get so much expression and nuance into what he's thinking even when he doesn't even say a god damn word. And he's also been in so many other great films, that man is long overdue and hopefully he gets another chance to earn an Oscar.

• The way the flood scene ends with the camera dipping underwater and that's used as a wipe to the next shot, brilliant.

• It is a story about the rich and the poor, but it not even just such a two sided thing, there's the rich, poor and the poorer. Living in the basement of the Park house just completely consumes you in that poverty, and it's interesting how Ki-taek and Geun-sae end up worshiping Mr Park as this god like figure, because they're completely dependant on them and they're powerless, whereas the Kims, while they still take advantage of them, they still have power and control in that situation.

• Bong points out when talking about this HBO limited series that's happening that he wants to explore more stories in this world, like how when Moon-Gwang comes back to the house, she has bruises on her face, which I didn't even fully pick up on initially.

• As a side note about that series, I'm cautiously optimistic about it. If Bong gets enough creative control over it, it could be an interesting companion piece and not just another american remake of a foreign-language film, that seems like a thing that's going to become all too common. I think I'll always prefer the movie, but it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. I feel like Parasite would lend itself quite nicely to like a 4 episode series, there's pretty clear points where episodes could end pretty cleanly. I dislike that it means that while yes, a lot of people who wouldn't normally watch a South Korean movie will watch Parasite, once the series comes out, I feel like it'll take away from that. 

Since this review is so scattershot, here's a very quick wishlist of who I want cast in this show:
For the Kims, I'll say Sandler for Ki-taek (I think he's got it in him, although it'll probably end up being Mark Ruffallo who's cast), Toni Collette as the mother, Florence Pugh to play Jessica, only child, Illinois Chicago, and Barry Keoghan to play the son.

And for the Parks, Chris Evans to play the dad (which I legit so convinced is going to happen, watch me be right on this), Brie Larson as the mother, Thomasin Mackenzie for the daughter and... idk who to play the kid, just a good child actor.
And Willem Dafoe playing the basement dweller.

Anyways, yeah, Parasite is good. It is very good. As it stands, it's my second favourite film of all time, and I am very close to claiming it to be my new favourite. I have to sit on that for a while though, I'll wait till the buzz of Parasite to die down and see if I truly feel it's my favourite movie ever or if I'm being swept up in the hype to some extent. Either way, whether I decide to put it above the almighty La La Land, I am just so happy this movie got its recognition. It's so completely gratifying to see a foreign film awarded so highly in the Western movie-sphere, with this and Roma, I totally feel that the world of movies is opening up more and more. I don't think we'll get to a point where subtitled movies are doing blockbuster level box office numbers, but I feel like there's so much more of an opening of the gates to give these movies and these filmmakers across the world a chance.
And as happy I am that the movie I wanted to win actually won for once, I'm more happy about what this means for both the Academy going forward and the world at large.

So in the words of one great Bong Joon-ho and Han Jin-woo

"This is so metaphorical"

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