Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a stunning experience. It's a poetic, slow, intimate experience. It portrays love, longing desire and regret. It focuses on love in such a personal way, the subtle ticks, the glances, the touches, the quiet moments that seem insignificant yet deeply meaningful on reflection. 
The movie features these quiet moments of joy, of beauty, of heartfelt connection, but when it all comes together in the titular portrait of the lady, it's hollow. The portrait isn't multifaceted, it can't convey the breadth of a person, it's one solitary moment captured and cannot fully portray a person beyond how they present themselves. They even refer to the portrait as if it's a different person.

The fucking dialogue in this film kills me. It's so thought provoking and poetic. It's butter for the ears and completely mesmerising, and it's all delivered so well by Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel, who give incredible performances here.

It's truly a beautiful film. Not only is the plot just pretty French women falling in love in amongst a beautiful French island, but it's also got breathtaking cinematography. It's so vibrant and warm, everything has this saturated glow radiating off it. It was shot in 8K, meaning they captured immensely nuanced detail. It's like a memory, but one that is immensely detailed.
The sound design as well is fantastic. It's such a quiet film, there really isn't much music so it's all placed on the sound design to do the emotional lifting in these scenes. It's like gAySMR, it's all intensely detailed and sensitive, the foley work is so nuanced you get absorbed into it. Just hearing Marianne painting is amazing.

It's such a masterfully crafted experience. Céline Sciamma has created something truely special here that's going to live on as a classic.

That Les Mis movie France submitted to the Oscars better be A+ tier good or I'm about to riot

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