Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★½

Call me by Your name

I loved this. This is the full anime movie I've ever seen. My only other real exposure to anime type stuff was the show Bakugan (which I'm not sure if I'm spelling correctly) which I watched as a kid. The reason I kinda avoided ever delving into it was because I kinda find it daunting to get into. It's a different language with different culture and a distinctive animation style, so I just never got into anime stuff.
I only watched this because I heard of the concept which was a romance bodyswap movie, which was a really neat concept and I thought it'd be an entertaining cute movie to watch.

But MAN, it was fucking excellent! The animation is absolutely stunning, everything looks so pretty, especially the sky when the comet is there. Everything is just so colourful and lovely to look at. The backgrounds are super detailed and it just makes the world feel legitimate.
The character animation was great too, that surprised me. It's somthing from clips of anime I've seen I never really like, it often feels to jumpy and jittery, but this animation just really worked.

The score was also gorgeous to listen to. It felt really big and powerful but also just lovely at the same time.

In terms of story, this shocked the hell out of me. I thought it'd be just that concept of them switching bodies and getting to know each other more and more and eventually falling in love, but it suddenly takes a hard turn and becomes incredibly creative and unique and I loved it.

I really felt for the characters, they do a great job capturing the feeling of switching bodies. You feel for both of them in the situation and especially when that major change happens it's an emotional gutpunch. 

I was captivated throughout, I had no clue where the story was going, the ending was just incredible. It's like the ending of La La Land, if it lasted for 30 minutes.

My only issue is the dubbing. I had no choice to watch the dub, and I honestly would've watched the dub anyways if given the choice, but sometimes the acting is over the top and the dialogue is a little corny at times, but it didn't bother me massively except at a few points.

Other than that, it was an incredible movie that I adore and it may get me into the world of anime (although not TV shows, because I honestly don't care much for  TV anyways, and I there aren't any shows that I paticularly like the look of, or care to invest the time watching)

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