Captain Marvel ★★★★½

Captain Marvel makes as expected, a brilliant and outstanding entrance into the marvel cinematic universe.
obviously, as a non sexist [ahem] marvel fan, this was one of my most highly anticipated movies of 2019 (and like.. EVER) ever since the news of Brie Larson portraying her came out in 2016. i’ve always been a big fan of Brie and her work, and her amazing portrayal of Carol Danvers does not disappoint, so that’s a plus!
to me, this movie has been placed in the same league with the 2 other previous MCU (aka my some of my favs) movies: Thor Ragnarok and Ant Man and The Wasp, so if you’re a fan of the both of them, love having fun in a theatre, or you’re a lesbian, then you’ll definitely love Captain Marvel.
the pacing, structure, and not to mention the impressive visual effects of this film are stunning.  it’s packed with the right amount of storytelling and jokes which is what makes it so enjoyable.
on a personal note, this film means a lot to me as a lesbian/woman....supporter and it feels very empowering to see such a powerfully strong woman on the big screen, although it’s taken such a long time :/ i absolutely love Carol Danvers and everything she stands for and as a wise woman once said, HIGHER FURTHER FASTER BABY!!!