Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

“My face looks like a goddamn street map woman”

Taika Waititi expertly navigates an extremely difficult subject with grace, humor and reverence. The performances from all of the actors in this film were great. Taika really threw me off as Adolf but in the best way possible I actually found myself laughing out loud during most of his scenes and it made me enjoy his work even more. 
Satires hold a special place in my heart (probably because they fit my style of humor more) and this film did not disappoint. Jojo Rabbit gives us a satirical version of some purity in friendship and true love, hindered by assimilation but broken apart by understanding and kindness. A blend of tyranny overcome by love and conviction. I loved the small random moments of humor the most. 

“Well, she doesn’t want to talk to me”
“Well, you are a nazi”

Also it was EXTREMELY hard to narrow it down to just two quotes

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