Black Swan ★★★★

This is one of those films that hadn't been watched that should have been before now. Don't know why I'd never got round to it but tonight was the night.

This is a film where you are living the experiences of the lead rather than just observing. You are immersed into what is an uglier and dirtier side to what is deemed to be a refined and pure art form. Not only that, but as the film develops you are also deployed firmly into a state where you as the viewer can barely distinguish between what is reality and what is not. Nina is consumed by her obsession to succeed and also pushed to the brink by those around her - and this overflows into numerous hallucinatory episodes that we as viewers experience viscerally. It is a film that has you questioning throughout and well afterwards too - something that has become synonymous with Aronofsky. We feel we're watching an act, we feel we're watching a production but in actual fact the reality that Nina is enduring is arguably a better depiction of the Swan Lake story than the performance itself. Really impressive stuff.

Aronofsky has a way of making disturbingly brilliant movies - with Requiem for a Dream being one of the most uncomfortable I have been while watching a movie - but equally one of the best movies I have seen too. The Fountain also evokes similar feelings - albeit more 'out there'. Although this one had perhaps less of that unrelenting, torturous potency it was still an exhilarating watch.

Next up: Aronofsky's Mother!