Minari ★★★½

Oscar Best Picture Nominee #6/8

Although this is very much a tale about a family seeking the American Dream, it was the relationship between Yuh-Jung Youn's grandmother and the son David that was the best part about this movie for me. Their bond that grew was so heartwarming to see against a somewhat bleaker backdrop of the financial difficulties the family were facing. It was weird because although Steven Yeun's performance was strong as lead - I would say that Yuh-Jung Youn's character almost outshone it and made her and young Alan S. Kim seem more central to the story than him - which is definitely a compliment for her rather than a slight on Yeun.

In comparison to the other Oscar nominees I have seen - I can fully appreciate why this is here. There were powerful moments smattered within what was a very pleasant slow-burn. However The Father probably sets the benchmark when it comes to being truly captivated for the runtime and shook for some time after.