Nomadland ★★★★

Oscar Best Picture Nominee #4/8

Nomadland is a tale of grief and loss at its core. The movie is obviously centred on the lives of van-dwellers/nomads and it shines a light on this in a way which makes the movie feel more like a documentary than a drama at times.

Frances McDormand plays the role of Fern exquisitely and the fact that many, if not all, of the supporting cast are genuine nomads only reinforced the feeling that we were being shown something raw here. But as said at the beginning, Fern's story as well as others throughout, was one which had seen the loss of loved ones and how harrowing and hopeless that can leave people. But the film was uplifted with truly joyous moments that epitomised the stripped back power of friends and people in general.

The film lacked some substance in places but this was padded with interludes displaying various beautiful landscapes alongside an emotive score. This really showcased Zhao's talent behind the camera.

Don't expect manufactured frills and tension. This is about pulling back the curtain and showing you something real.

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