Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Oscar Best Picture Nominee #3/8

I'll start with the minor flaws that didn't always sit well. Some scenes were a little embarassing- i.e. the least intimidating confrontation ever which led to a completely disproportionate amount of fear (I'll leave the exact one out as not to spoil!).

Also- there are slight moments in terms of the message it was trying to tell that felt a little off.

That being said, I couldn't really care less about them. This was one of the most engaged I had been whilst watching a movie this year. I know it sounds weird because the subject matter was so dark- but this film was just fun to watch. Don't get me wrong, the theme of the film was heavy in my mind, but the way it was navigated was thrilling and raw. Like I said, the film wasn't always perfect, but it had me nevertheless. Performances were excellent from Mulligan and Burnham- with the dinner scene being a personal fave (she was genuinely laughing when I don't think she was supposed to- loved that!). Ending, which was unpredictable and then weirdly predictable at the same time, was very satisfying and brought it to a close nicely.

Think this will be a divisive one and I think some people may choose to over-analyse because it has been Oscar nominated. I say sit back and just enjoy.