The Fury of a Patient Man ★★½

The recipe was there to make something really excellent here. The writing and the setup for this revenge thriller was good. It had you drawn in to this quiet, grieving and damaged protagonists' story in the opening. It made me sit up and rub my hands together for what was to come in his bid to seek revenge.

What followed, although solid, never seemed to deliver in the way I thought it would or could. Tension levels barely raised much higher in the last hour and half an hour. What developed was a somewhat ponderous albeit morally intriguing summation to the story. Although I do understand that this was commendably steering away from an action-packed, Taken-esque revenge thriller and focusing more on the characters - the story and background didn't quite have the weight that meant it could completely exclude any moments that would have brought me forward in my chair.

Great premise, brilliant film title but a missed opportunity.