Annette ★★★★½

Year: 2021 Ranked

While I completely understand why this wouldn't work for some people, I am sure glad it worked for me.

A haunting, visceral take on the entertainment industry, the rampant violence that comes with men gaining power from being edgy, and the exploitation of children and the view of them as nothing more than objects to use. Everything about Annette worked for me, and it was simply pushed even further ahead by Adam Driver being so fucking good.

I am pretty unfamiliar with Leos Carax as a director. I know a bit about him and I have seen Holy Motors, which I also loved, but it's really great to see that I will probably love all of his movies if they are anything like that or Annette. And I am also pretty unfamiliar with The Sparks, so I really had no idea what kind of musical journey I was going to get from this.

Yes the songs repeat the same phrases quite a bit, but in my experience it lulled me into a sort of hypnotic trance, and helped illustrate the endless cycles that a lot of entertainment represents and enforces. Plus the instrumentation on those songs was pretty killer throughout. A few standout songs were definitely there, but in general I enjoyed the whole soundtrack quite a bit.

I fucking love the puppet. Great, if a bit on the nose, metaphor, but in general just made everything feel even more ethereal and dream like.

Loved this movie. Can't wait for a rewatch. Probably alone because everyone I watched it with did not like it lmfao.

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