Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

2019 Ranked

A glorious return to great acting by Eddie Murphy. It has been a while since he had a performance where he really stood on his own, but this may be a career best. A role that he so obviously poured all of his heart and soul into; a fact that shines brighter than the sun. He is hilarious in the film, while also having some pretty serious scenes of introspection, determination, and anger.

The whole cast is tremendous. My favorites besides Murphy were definitely Wesley Snipes and Keegan-Michael Key, but everyone did a fantastic job. I am unfamiliar with her brief other work, but I loved the performance by Da'Vine Joy Randolph as well. Her charismatic energy went so perfectly with Eddie Murphy's.

The cinematography was great, and seeing the film at the end really shows how far they went to make everything look authentic. The film itself exudes strong 1970's vibes, and even all of the dialogue feels right at home in that era. It doesn't feel like a movie about the 1970s, but a movie in the 1970s in the all the best ways.

I am grossly behind on all things blaxploitation, but this film has definitely made me want to watch more, and I think this film will do the same thing for others, an introduction to a subgenre that was and is extremely important to a giant portion of people. The film drags a bit here and there, but it is still a great film with fantastic performances.

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