Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Justin Timberlake, A CAT?!?!? What else could you possibly ask for in a film?

The Coen brothers either make wacky fun comedies, or really depressing films. This would fall under the latter. And it is so incredible. Oscar Isaac is an incredible singer and actor, and showcases that in the great performance I have seen him in. Every song on the film you can be sure is a jam. Supporting characters feel real, they too fuck up and have emotions. The world doesn't revolve around Llewyn Davis. People do things without him, and move on, even when he can't. Inside Llewyn Davis isn't just about struggling to make art, it is about struggling with depression, with grieving, with denial, with being a good human being when the world shits on you constantly. It is a reminder that the people around us are human, feel pain, struggle just as much as us. It is a love song to every single person that goes out into the world every day, and struggles to be happy. In a sense, we are all Llewyn Davis. This movie is about us.

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