Lupin III: The First

Lupin III: The First ★★★★½

Just as enjoyable the second time around. Most of the story plot lines are all pretty predictable, but the interactions between the characters and the choices each character makes and has to face are brilliant and worth it. Plus this is one of the most stunning 3D animated movies I have ever seen.

Watched the Dub this time around. Although I like the original japanese cast in most iterations of Lupin, something about Tony Oliver's voice to perfectly encapsulates what I think of when I think about the character of Lupin.

Still sitting at the top of Lupin movie list. It will probably eventually be toppled, but for now its the king of the castle. A breathtaking transformative piece of art that near flawlessly brought a 2D character successfully into a 3D world. If they continue to do movies in this style that would be incredible, but no matter the direction Lupin goes from here, I will be following closely behind.

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