Parasite ★★★★★

2019 Ranked

It is pretty amazing that Bong Joon-ho was able to make a film where practically every scene or even prop can have some meaning that relates to Parasites or siphoning off of another. When I first saw the trailer and saw Song Kang-ho in a Native American Headdress I was a little taken aback. But the execution of the ideas, that these rich people will siphon off of everything, whether its poor people or disenfranchised cultures all the way across the world just to make their son happy, without properly taking the time to understand that culture is pretty brilliant. I noticed a lot more subtlety with that specific example this time around.

Another I paid more attention to is how beautiful the soundtrack is. Whether its the composed score or the few times they play licensed songs, it doesn't just compliment the scene, its fully ingrained in everything the scene is. The beauty of the films made by Bong Joon-ho is that if you take even a tiny piece out of one of the scenes, it might completely fall apart. It might still be a good scene for a regular film, but Bong Joon-ho films ascend to a higher plane, where every piece works perfectly in sync 100% of the time.

Just like all of his other films, the comedy to horror is able to flip back and forth effortlessly, having some truly intense and brutal scenes, filled with dread, but then jump to the next scene where it is full of jokes and laughs and Song Kang-ho's beautiful face. The performances definitely make the execution of this much easier. Song Kang-ho is probably my favorite performance, but Lee Jung-eun as Moon-gwang, Choi Woo-shik as Ki-woo, and Park So-dam as Ki-jung were all close behind as well. Everyone else was brilliant as well. This is one of the most beautiful and well acted films I have ever seen, and the absolute craziest part about that is I don't even think it is the best Bong Joon-ho film.

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