Run ★★★★

Year: 2020 Ranked

I have been waiting for this movie all fucking year. I know the director was super bummed with COVID striking this from being released on Mother's Day, but hopefully it being premiered on Hulu still causes a lot of people to see it, because it's so so worth it. Sarah Paulson is a force to be reckoned with and is devastatingly good in this role. And Kiera Allen is just as brilliant as well. The slow descent into madness in the movie and with the characters is perfectly orchestrated and makes the 90 minute run time fly by even faster.

I LOVED Searching. I have seen it many times. I plan on watching it many more. For a debut feature, it's one of the greatest that comes to mind. I was a bit wary because I couldn't think of anything that could live up to the hype of its predecessor, but I threw my faith completely on Aneesh Changanty's shoulders. And that faith was not misplaced. This movie rocks. And although it doesn't captivate me as much as Searching, it's still a great movie and one of the better films from this year.

More than anything, Changanty has proven himself to be the versatile director I was hoping for. Breaking out from the constraints and bonuses of Searching was a feat to be sure, and the team behind this nailed it. Can't wait for a rewatch. Definitely recommend.

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