Scream ★★★★½

I saw this movie once like eleven years ago or some shit, so yet again I was worried I wouldn't like it on rewatch, but damn. Scream is easily my favorite movie from Craven from what I have seen, and I doubt that will change as I movie deeper into his filmography.

The thin line between its humor and its horror is balanced so well, and it makes for scenes that are genuinely creepy but can elicit bursts of laughter from you. Very ocassionally the rapid fire method of delivering references or name drops of other films can feel exhausting, but most of the time it enriches the characters, the campiness, and the atmosphere of the scenes it inhabits.

In general I also really like all the performances in this movie. Some really turn up the cheesiness and some try to stick with a more traditional horror performance, but the direction by Craven is able to easily mix the two into a brilliant showcase of talent.

I haven't seen any of the other Scream movies, and I'm hoping I'm not TOO disappointed in them.

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