Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

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Skipping all my other reviews in my backlog for now so I can talk about my favorite hero, Spider-Man. I was always going to be worried about a sequel Spider-Man movie. Mostly because I still hold the original sequel, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire in such high regard. But I was really hoping to enjoy this film and was so excited to see Mysterio in action.

Let's get the less than stellar things out of the way first. The plot is painfully obvious for the vast majority of the film, especially when comparing to its predecessor. A decent amount of the humor felt extremely forced, even when looking to other MCU films. I laughed a bunch in the film, but just as many times I cringed pretty hard. There was also some really brilliant sequences that were some of the best the MCU has to offer but were only explored pretty much once in the film. It would have been so great to see more of that. The score is also a noticeable step down from previous Phase 3 works. Most of the tracks are relatively generic and overly sentimental, even in times that make very little sense.

However, the film still kicks ass. Tons of fun, BRILLIANT performances by Holland and Gyllenhal, and some beautiful effects. And even though like half of the humor in the film was bad, the parts that do land land extremely well. The romantic subplot may be a little too much and the dialogue between MJ and Peter is a little tone deaf at times, but it was a welcome addition and really bolstered Peter's struggle with whether he could handle being a hero or not, much like in the original Spider-Man 2. And I actually really loved Happy and May's relationship in the film, as well as Happy and Peter connecting more through shared love and through shared loss.

Far from Home isn't as good as Spider-Man 2, or 1, or Homecoming, or Into the Spider-Verse. But here's the thing, when ignoring the Garfield duology, Spider-Man has one of the most consistently good track records as a Superhero property, and just because the film is great, doesn't mean it isn't good. Because it is. I would even go as far as to say it is very good. It won't be anywhere near the top of my superhero list, or my 2019 list, but with this film Tom Holland continues the wave of proving himself to be a worthy successor to the crown, and Mysterio was so perfectly done in the film I'm sad it wasn't an hour longer.

I almost bumped this up half a star for the first end credit scene alone. That was one of the only times I have actually screamed in a theatre.

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