Suspiria ★★★★★

Weekly Film Club Vol. 17

Suspiria was my favorite film of 2018, and on a revisit holds up incredibly well. And as much as it pains me to say it, I truly do believe the acore by Thom Yorke surpasses the originals score by Goblin. Not to discredit the originals at all, it still is absolutely brilliant, but maybe this ones is just a teeny bit more.

Tilda Swinton in her triple role her exudes every single positive trait and actor can have, and each time she is on screen she commands the attention of all, regardless of the character she is playing. On a side note that somewhat pertains to one of Swintons characters, I love seeing Jessica Harper in a cameo appearance in the film and it ends up being one of my favorite scenes in the film.

From beginning to end, Suspiria shocks and delights. With genuine twists, fantastic effects, and stunning choreography, there isn't anything for me to complain about. The two big dance numbers in the film are some of my favorite scenes in any film, and it really hammers in the point that this is a completely seperate film to the original and that both can exist peacefully, even if Argento disagrees.

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