The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★½

Year: 2020 Ranked

Mostly just made me want to rewatch There Will Be Blood. It kind of tries to capture the same tone and aesthetic, but doesn't ever quite nail it. The movie is all serviceable, the performances are serviceable, the acting is fine, the soundtrack is fine, and the story is fine. It just never does anything great, and that's my main issue. Its over 2 hours long and never really captures anything that more than adequate.

Also for a film that tries so hard to weave together an interesting story that has a bunch of different plot threads running with many character to eventually intersect, I was pretty disappointed in the end result. It's just a bit too predictable and neat for my taste.

I think I mostly just wanted a film with more personality, and this one just goes by the numbers a little too closely.

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