The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★★½

Year: 2021 Ranked

A movie not for A LOT of people, but such a burning critique of modern handlings of rape accusations through the lens of medieval events that it needs to be seen by everyone. Such a unique film that I was pretty fucking blown away by.

Jodie Comer is absolutely astonishing in this role, and she was constantly outshining most other people on screen. Adam Driver is also fucking spectacular in this. The fact that by next month THREE fucking Adam Driver movies will have graced my eyes us a fucking miracle.

The presentation is fantastic. Everything looks grim snd horrifying, the world is a dark and scary place outside of the Count's Castle. The music is exceptional and the sound design is really fucking good. And the structure of the movie is probably my favorite part. Rashomon is one of my favorite Kurosawa films, and this emulates that formula really well, but makes it explosive and grandiose. It's done super well.

This is an incredibly uncomfortable watch, especially once you hit the actual event, but it's so fucking good and I can't stop thinking about it. DEFINITELY want to rewatch this one.

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