• Hypnotic



    Kate Siegel was pretty good in this, despite that terrible wig. The actual movie, just abysmal. Really really bland with a lack of interesting scares or atmosphere or characters. Incredibly dull.

  • Polytechnique



    Horrifying and incredibly upsetting. Polytechnique isn't really a movie I want to recommend, but it's pretty well made and it expresses everything it wants to with tact. It never feels tasteless, which is something movies of a similar vein very rarely are able to accomplish.

    We did a deep dive on Villeneuve and covered five of his movies. it was pretty great stuff. Check out the podcast here

  • Prisoners



    Pretty horrifying throughout. A truly great look into the unstable nature of man. I love the framing of the two central characters, and I love the slow reveal throughout the movie that they are so similar as characters. It really expresses well the sentiment that you can break as many rules as you want and get as aggressive as you please as long as you hold power.

    We did a deep dive on Villeneuve and covered five of his movies. it was pretty great stuff. Check out the podcast here

  • Arrival



    I loved Arrival when I first watched in theaters. All these years later, and I found myself not really loving it anymore. It definitely has its moments (Amy Adams) but it's story is underdeveloped in some areas and I found myself getting really annoyed at the treatment of other countries such as China and Russia in the script, while heralding the US as the leader of intelligence in the face of uncertainty.

    Still, I think Arrivals presentations and performances and…

  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2


    My favorite superhero movie of all time. I think this movie, through the lense of the loss of power and lack of identity, explores what it truly mean to be a hero better than any film of the genre before or after it. While Raimi turns up his usual Raimi antics up to 11, he also instills a genuine longing into his characters that makes them feel layered, problematic, and realistic.

    Alfred Molina is tremendous as Doc Ock. My favorite…

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    Year: 2021 Ranked

    Definitely a lighter affair than The Last Duel, which is a huge relief for me because that is an uncomfortable movie. That isn't to say that House of Gucci is without emotion or turmoil that is inflicted on the audience, but we get large moments of fun in between them.

    Adam Driver is amazing in the film, and it's not just because he is incredibly hot in every frame. Lady Gaga nails the kind of niche cross…

  • Spider-Man



    Is Spider-Man the best Superhero movie of all time? No. But it is THE SECOND BEST.

    Growing up this trilogy really helped me love movies, and revisiting it reminds me just the heights a superhero movie can get to. I love the writing in this movie so much. Big grandiose characters that feels straight out of a page of a comic book while still making them have genuine emotions and interactions with people.

    I think what sticks out about this…

  • King Richard

    King Richard


    Year: 2021 Ranked

    I think biopics, especially those having to do with subjects related to the producers of said biopic, have a bad habit of either glorifying or infantilizing the subject. And for the first 20 or so minutes of King Richard, that's exactly what I thought was going on. But as the minutes ticked by this original theory was dismissed.

    Because Richard Williams is a dick. He talks over his wife, he talks over his kids. He pushes them…

  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    Year: 2021 Ranked

    Right on the cusp of being gaudy to a fault, but always finding the right balance to be just highly entertaining and stylized. Lin is able to effectively capture big showstopping ideas that function in a writers mind while also making each scene seem extremely intimate and personal.

    Emotions are raw, tensions are high, and the world is coming to an end. Poor entertainers throw their everything to be remembered, to be someone. I think tick, tick…

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife


    Year: 2021 Ranked

    -Paul Rudd is very hot in this.

    -The movie is fucking awful.

    I don't really hold the original Ghostbusters in super high regard, but I enjoy it enough and I think it's pretty fun. Unfortunately Afterlife seems to constantly be chasing the concept of fun without understanding why the original was fun. So it just hurls reference after reference at you, hoping to disguise the fact it has nothing of its own that's worth a damn.

    The cast really really tries though, but it's all for nothing unfortunately.

  • Language Lessons

    Language Lessons


    Year: 2021 Ranked

    Genuinely breathtaking. Mark Duplass is always a treasure to watch, but Natalie Morales is fantastic as well and her direction is pretty astounding. She is able to effectively make a movie that feels personal while separating the characters for the entire run time. Probably one of the only movies made in quarantine times that feels like effectively utilizes those constraints to it's benefit.

    The script is strong, the chemistry is palpable from the first scene together, and the pacing is near flawless. Great movie.

  • Slumber Party Massacre

    Slumber Party Massacre


    As a remake of the original, Slumber Party Massacre 2021 is able to keep a lot of the thematic integrity of the original while making the story and characters it's own. As a regular slasher movie coming out in the 2020's, it's refreshing and fun. The villain is even more of a caricature of the original's villain, but it still is able to show horror through the eyes of women in a tactful way when it needs to.

    Honestly both…