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  • On the Silver Globe
  • Safe
  • Miracle Mile
  • Post Tenebras Lux

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  • The House of the Devil


  • Fire of Love


  • This Much I Know to Be True


  • Bodies Bodies Bodies


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  • Resurrection




    Properly atmospheric and fearfully intense. Rebecca Hall is the anchor to this work and her performance bleeds into every scene. Wish I could’ve seen this in theaters.

    “Disposable. Gloriously disposable.”

  • Prey




    A revitalized and surprising prequel to that one badass movie from the 80s, Prey adapts it’s 18th century American surroundings as more than just a pretty scenery but as a blood-curdling environment that can be seen as violent as it’s subjects. Tratchtenberg also uses an appreciated level of patience to prolong scenes and builds suspense within them, allowing the horror of certain situations to marinate, while also never taking itself too seriously. Definitely the biggest contender atm as the most surprisingly good movie of the year. Wish I could’ve seen this in theaters but whatevs.

    “Whatever did this, I can kill it.”

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