Suspiria ★★½

There's some great stuff in here, the first hour is gripping and intense and gives off such an engrossing sense of mystery. It's just a shame that most of this film is muddled, messy and at points extremely frustrating.

There's a couple of excellent horror set pieces and a couple that are mind-numbing to say the least. The use of CGI and practical effects together in the last scene clashed so horrifically it was distracting.

Thom Yorke's soundtrack is underused and doesn't really add a whole lot to the film when it is, (in one scene it was absolutely out of place) which is a shame, because in it's entirety it's a fantastic soundtrack.

Overall disappointing as the lasting impression it leaves is that it tries to be way more intelligent than it is and ends up coming off as confusing and annoying.

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