The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games ★★★★

When a close friend told me the premise of The Hunger Games for the first time, I was like, “So it’s The Running Man?” And while it does share a lot of similarities, it’s very much it’s own post apocalyptic/resistance story. 

I haven’t seen this since the theater so going back to check out the series again is going to be fun. This cast is really great with Lawrence and Harrelson as stand outs. The game itself is what draws my attention and the way the characters choose to play it. My brain goes into overload of all the different stories they could tell in that world. 

But if you don’t laugh at Peeta frosting himself into the boulder than you aren’t human 😂 

They do enough to keep hooking you in for more and by the time we reach act 3, your really curious as to how this is going to wrap up. Easily one of the best of the Young Adult adaptations. This first entry still holds up but will the rest?

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