Suspiria ★½

I'll give Guadagnino props for an original vision, I guess, but this is pretty much the nadir of this whole "elevated horror" piffle. Trades the candy-coloured vibrancy of Argento's world for a grainy, retro-70s flair, replete with out-of-place crash zooms and schizophrenic editing (conversations will flow awkwardly because shots hold too long, stylistically scattershot slow-mo and low frame-rate techniques that feel tonally at odds with what the film is aiming for). Guadagino can never decide whether he's doing a sombre period piece or total schlock. Reductive handling of guilt, simplistic understanding of history, underdeveloped (and totally unnecessary) holocaust narrative, muddled subtext. Positives? Yorke's score itself is undoubtedly a highlight, although his vocals aren't fitting for a project like this, and "those" dance sequences (you know the ones) are deserving of the praise they've gotten. I would write way, way more on this and I might in the future but for now I'm just tired. Stop being embarrassed of making horror films.

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