Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

I've completed the trilogy. My 700th movie on Letterboxd too. I've been looking forward to this third film since the credits started rolling on the last one. I couldn't have been more excited. I wanted to see where these characters were at in their lives now.

The first film was charming, the second was magical but the third? This was brutally beautiful. Two words that you don't often hear used together. But they apply in this case - with an even deeper exploration of love by Linklater and our stars.

I found that this film used more measures of foreshadowing and themes to add to the narrative than even the first two did. It was very impressive. Such as how they would tease the conflict between our lovers. This was initially pointed out to me by a viewing partner.

The performances by Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy are better than ever in this film. They were excellent in the first two. But they were magnificent in this one. Especially with how they continued with the one shot scenes and their electric chemistry.

The writing is exceptional as always. Probably even better in this too. I have found that each of these film improves on the last one. Because everyone involved becomes so much more understanding and passionate about these characters and their story.

This is an incredible film. I wouldn't care if they never made another sequel after this one. I thought it ended perfectly here. I love both of these characters. I love their story. The conflict finally shown between them in this one was so real. I genuinely felt it. Please watch this entire trilogy if you haven't. It deserves all the praise. Beautiful.

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