Burning ★★★★

I love Steven Yeun. I always have since he stormed onto the scene with a little zombie series. But it might not have been until now that I was excited to see what he could do with something else; and holy shit.

This has been on my radar since release. It sounded like one of the most intriguing and compelling films of the past decade or more. It is reasonable to say that my expectations for this were incredibly high.

For the most part too; this does not disappoint. It is a slow burn from start to finish; but it will leave you feeling like you have had a fast paced adrenaline rushed experience that leaves you breathless from the ride.

It is very similar; but at the same time; nothing like a film such as The Shining. It will keep you asking questions. It might not even answer them entirely for you. But despite this and the long runtime; it never drags.

The directing is phenomenal and it is made even better with exceptional writing and stunning performances. I came for Steven Yeun, but I might have left even more blown away by Yoo Ah-in as Jong-su. Incredible.

I'll be honest too; it has been far too long since I have watched a Korean or any foreign film for that matter. And it is films such as this one that reminds you of the high tier talent that comes from them. It's so good.

This will not go down as one of the best films ever to me. But it is up there. It is very close. It will be one that will be remembered for years to come, as it rightfully should be, the cult following is justified.

For such a slow ride. This film will punch you over and over until you decide to look at the bigger picture. There is so much more than meets the eye with this as it is still among the best films in years. Outstanding cinema.

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