Eternals ★★★

Eternity is a long time. Maybe it is too much. Or not enough. It has been that long since this was revealed. So much has happened since: with the anticipation building to new heights with an Oscar winning director.

Everything was going for this. Shaping up to be one of Marvel's best. Especially with the near flawless record: It was very difficult to believe this would be any less then something truly special and incredible.

It is good. That is about it. Not nearly one of the worst. Not among the best. It just exists. That might be the most crushing part about this. It is one of the most flavourless entries for a film filled with so much energy.

There is still enough to entertain. It is Marvel after all. If these have been for you. This will not be much different. It is able to expand upon the world in the most beautiful and unexpected of manners.

From the beautiful score to the phenomenal cast: So much still deserves praise. It was very hard to dislike anyone in this. One of the most entertaining ensembles thrown together since Marvel first began.

With that being said. For a film with such an electric cast. More times than not: it feels the chemistry is surrounded with a wooden environment; with little to no flavour. Dancing on white paper.

Chloé Zhao is fantastic. But this might be a case of something. For this could be more her directing her film; rather than a Marvel film at most times. Nothing wrong with that; but it does not quite mesh well.

Visuals are still spectacular. Chan to Madden to Ridloff to Nanjiani to Jolie. Everyone in this had moments to shine. But for an origin film so long: it does have too much going on too quickly with an uneven tone.

One thing is for sure. This is absolutely one of the boldest films from Marvel. Nothing we have seen before. Magnificent action sequences. Great twists and development. It might disappoint. But it still delivers.

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