Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★½

Jason is coming to get you. But not until he's done first. Rules were broken in a slasher that shifted a franchise. Even with more teenagers; Steve Miner returns to attempt something almost completely different.

Camp is open again. In a sequel that has everything you could expect; but nothing at all. With the introduction of the 3D Experience to try and bring the horror of these killings close to home for viewers everywhere.

It was a bold idea. It had moments to enjoy. But it fell flat outside the killings. Even then; there were too many done off screen; but it could be understood what they were trying to focus on and illustrate in the story.

Unlike the first two: I had never seen this before. Same will be said about everything that comes next. This was a first time; and it might say more about my feelings. But although it is fun at times. It's not scary at all.

But this can be argued: not all horror needs to be scary. But with loud attempts to frighten you in this. It does become frustrating when none of them even receive the slightest reaction out of you. But they are funny.

Similar beats are followed as seen in the previous films. But that has never been enough to bother me. If anything it helps me take it less seriously; and enjoy even more; as an unintentional comedy horror.

Although the 3D does not entirely work. There are times it does, even for how over the top it is, when you see moments of people getting killed; and how they use this and the 3D to their advantage is great.

This is a stupid film. It's not good. Nor is it awful. It is an anomaly in a franchise that keeps on going. Not much can beat the eerie, stormy atmosphere of a camp. Especially with hockey mask Jason at large.

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