Nope ★★★★½

Clouds are evil. Never trusted them. Staying inside is always the best. That could have been doubted in the past; until a looming fear has emerged from the skies in a frightening experience never seen before.

Peele has returned. It feels like a long time coming. Each of his films have continued in building longer campaigns of anticipation; which makes seeing them even more scary; as it's been building to it for so long now.

Three for three. In a film that perfectly captures a new sense of horror; while balancing that dark comedic tone from Jordan Peele. Never has it possibly been done so well as it is here. It's nothing what you expect.

In ways similar to his first two films; this felt like a love letter to classic cinema. But at the same time: it was still something fresh and different. Both familiar yet not at all. It's a fascinating and unique feeling to have.

There will be elements not for everyone. Because it leads you one way; only to trick you into going another. It's very deceptive in storytelling at times; but that only made me respect it so much with how clever it is.

Not only is this film a love letter to classic cinema though; as said before. But it is the same for filmmaking. With the focus on stardom and filming. It feels like something that would be filmed and released decades ago.

Plenty of enjoyable scares; but not the horror to be expected either. It is a horrifying film at times; but for radically different reasons as opposed to Peele's previous films; as this relies on relentless tension start to finish.

Nobody can praise Daniel Kaluuya enough. Great in everything and that's no different in this. But the stand out might have been Keke Palmer or Steven Yeun; both of which were scene stealers for so much of the film.

Confusing parts that need processing. This is a film that will absolutely benefit from rewatching in the future. There are multiple layers to this; maybe more than we have ever seen built in a story from Jordan Peele.

Cinematography is outstanding. One of the most beautiful films to see in cinemas this year. So many shots alone could tell a story themselves; perfectly captured; except for most, if not all the scenes at night.

Perhaps it was my cinema; or it was the film. Even though the scenes at night were still riveting. So many of them made it really hard to see; and it was a relief on the eyes when the story returned to day; night is too dark.

This might not be a perfect film. It is, however, a wonderful homage to Close Encounters or The Thing. It is relentlessly intense, charmingly funny, but most of all, it'll make you never trust clouds again. Nope.

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