Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

Beware the sequels. Things can get worse. Sometimes for the better. Especially when you have a horror master having too much fun. If the first was testing the waters; this is a no holds barred experience.

There's something about these. When seeing them for the first time. None of them did it for me. Stopped at this one. Never saw the rest. Neither were bad but not enough to keep me interested in more at all.

When coming back to them now. It is a complete blast. So much more to notice and appreciate. From the over the top colourful characters and world to the sadistically brutal kills. This is a sequel that has it and more.

Keeping this one shorter: Even though the first was so much fun. Something about this one felt like Wes Craven was almost enjoying himself way too much: Because it does get extremely creative.

Sure, it might feel a little more forced at times. That might not be for everyone. But if you did like the first one. You're reading this because you've seen it and you know about one of the best horror sequels.

From the opening scene to some just as insane sequences. This felt like a true sequel in terms of both for the characters and the story; but for everything that you would want as a fan of the slasher genre.

Wes Craven did it again. Clever as always. Reveal might be predictable. It is still the journey to get there that makes it all the more better. Even more so when you have such a lovable cast to enjoy.

With that being the case: There has been so much said about this. It is not my first time reviewing this. But with the new one releasing. It might be time to share refreshed thoughts and yes, it's even better.

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott.
The reason the term GOAT was created.

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