Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

Welcome to the big apple. The rules have changed. Nobody is safe again.
This is a franchise now and the stakes have never been higher. No matter where you are or who you are with: Ghostface is just one phone call away.

New York is the concrete jungle of skyscrapers. It will still be hard to find one that reaches a taller height than the anticipation for this. Never has the excitement for Scream gone to this level. And the hype is to believe.

When seeing what Radio Silence had to offer last year, it was hard not to feel the extreme promise that awaited in new stories. The first was only testing the waters in familiar territory while this ramps everything far up.

There were nerves. It was something completely different. That's exciting but as scary as anything else. Especially when you don't have the loves of Neve Campbell or David Arquette to help out. Risk was absolutely huge.

It is all worth it in the end. If you're hearing that this is the best since the original. It's not wrong. So many of the mistakes from the previous film are taken and fixed accordingly in one of the legacy sequels of the ages.

There might be those that disagree. Even if you didn't like the last one. It is hard to see many feeling the same about this. Never playing it too safe with a return to the classic intense sequences that were so sorely missed.

Wonderful return for Hayden Panettiere as Kirby. It did have me worry. She does exceed all the expectations. From the geeky girl in high school to the badass FBI agent. It's a very fun new role and she is fantastic to see in it.

Fear has been instilled back into Ghostface. It was never really lost but it was fading. I loved the last film more than most. But what the series has needed for so long is for all audiences to start getting truly scared again.

Exceptional direction to the riveting performances. If it wasn't for how all these worked so well together. None of this hits as hard as it does. It'll still be fine but not to the level of almost rivalling the original in multiple ways.

Prepare for the thrills and the tears. Not a second of this holds back. It is not afraid to choke you out until those credits start rolling and the brick of relief falls off your chest in relief but the painful enjoyment of it will stay.

Not a perfect film. It has minor errors here and there. Nothing that hasn't been seen in this franchise before. Most of this is made up for with the gruellingly intense sequences that have you on the edge of your seats.

Melissa Barrera has improved since the mixed reaction in the first. Jenna Ortega has never been this good. And you get one of the all time greatest scenes with Courteney Cox. Not more than a moment of this disappoints.

Once you see that opening scene. It is hard to imagine this isn't going to be one of the best slashers in years. Even if the reveal doesn't hit so hard. Everything before and after will have you drooling at the mouth for more.

But it is just a movie after all and you know...
Who gives a fuck about movies?

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