The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

I've been curious about this. It has an incredibly promising cast. It is Netflix so that is enough reason to still be nervous; but there was enough going for this one that at the very least left me feeling very interested.

I was right and wrong. It is a very interesting film: for the most part. It keeps you engaged more times than not; before it starts to go too deep into something where there seems to be almost too much going on.

This is based on a book. There is only so much you can adapt. It just feels like a story that might have served even better in a more suitable format such as television rather than condensing every single thing into this.

Because even though I liked this film. It felt jarring with the pace. From things speeding up to slowing down. It was an unusual feeling but it couldn't find the appropriate pace to take this story in this film format.

With that being said though; being that it is a film; it does lay the opportunity to put together a cast such as this one; and it is easily the best thing about this film; and that's a given without even seeing it.

The performances are great. It does feel weird that Netflix continue to introduce Robert Pattinson as bad guy with a funny distinct accent over an hour into their films when he's all over the promotion.

It didn't tarnish this too much though; there's plenty of things to question; but it is able to tell a very compelling story; albeit in a very disjointed manner. Worth seeing for the cast and acting alone.

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