The Night House

The Night House ★★★★

Truth can hurt. It is the life old fact. Sometimes it might be better not knowing. Except when unexplainable weird stuff starts to happen. Maybe then it might be time to know. Even if we've seen the likes of it before.

Ever since release: this film has been given a world of praise. Whether it started at Sundance a couple years ago; or the wide release last year: so many seem to agree that this is among the best in the genre in years.

This can be cause for caution. But it is hard to not get excited. Everything about this sounded golden. From a Rebecca Hall leading a horror to the follow up in David Bruckner's career with something more psychological.

It's a very good film. It does so much right. From the perfectly executed sense of tension and dread with a haunting score and a beautifully eerie setting. It is hard to at least not admire what was done in this film.

Honestly though; I didn't love this. Not as much as I was hoping. It's great. It could have been even better. It felt a couple steps away. But it kept falling short; with too many jump scares to an overwhelming end.

Nothing is wrong with jump scares. But there is when they aren't earned. This film had me on the edge of my seat, and then before something happens, jump scare comes in and you are pulled out of the experience.

None of them scared me. If anything they annoyed me. Not enough to impact my experience though. Because everything else was done so beautifully well; with Rebecca Hall carrying this film incredibly well.

It might still be among the better Horrors in years. If anything though. This is more of a tragic psychological thriller. Bruckner's directing is very impressive. It felt in vein to many recent modern classics.

Except for the Red Moon. Someone should tell Link about that one.

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