Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★½

I think it's fair to say that out of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies; the least critically beloved are the Thor films. I also think that it's because of this that so many people including myself were excited to see Marvel join with Taika Waititi to re-invigorate the God of Thunder's movies.

Did they do it? I'm going to say yes, they certainly did for the most part. This was a colourful and hilarious sequel that improves on the past two films - it manages to take us into places we haven't seen before in these movies without it feeling too much different. It still felt like a Thor movie.

I adored how they captured the cosmic setting as they've done in other films in this Universe. It had such a unique flavour to it in this one though, so much so, that I wish they spent more time to explore even more of these worlds.

As much as I loved Taika's touch on this film, it was stunning at times with his comedic talent but at other times; I honestly thought they went a too overboard, that it was a little *too* silly. I accepted this was a silly film but some of the humour just came across weak.

Most of it though was brilliant. I loved how they incorporated Hulk into the story and how it feels like a pretty honest and solid sequel to both "Thor: The Dark World" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron".

There's something that I was impressed by that they kept completely hidden in the marketing and overall: this film is yet another brick to be laid on my wall of excitement and anticipation for "Avengers: Infinity War". It's going to run right into it very nicely. Great Sequel, arguably the best Thor movie to date.

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